Get your TV signal the in-direct way...using the internet!


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Stop paying high monthly fees to watch television. This box will bring tons of TV shows and movies from the internet. NO MONTHLY FEE is needed to use this box!

Plug this box in to your TV connect this box to your wifi (or Ethernet) and start watching streaming movies and TV. 

This is not cable TV or Satellite TV. It is the same channels, only they come to you through the internet.



Replace Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, Directv Now, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, etc. and PAY NO MONTHLY FEES.


Announcing the new way to get TV:

Use the internet with this NEXT GENERATION STREAMING TV BOX!


From $79.95

Use this Android IPTV box to watch videos, TV shows, news, and tons and tons of movies!

Using this box is similar to using Netflix. It uses the internet to bring you TV content. The difference is, with this box, there are a ton more movies, including even the newest movies, and also hard-to-find forgotten movies from the past, and the best part is that there are no monthly fees to use this box! If you have broadband internet, that is all you need to receive lots of viewing with this box.